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Acupuncture Office Visits
Cosmetic Acupuncture

Acupuncture Office Visits:

Acupuncture is a form of treatment that involves very thin needles through the skin on specific points.  Points are choosen based on a patients tongue, pulse, and sympotamolgy.  Dr. Trofa specilize in pain management, chronic disease, fertility, neurological issues, stress/anxiety/depression, digestive issues, and autoimmune disease.  Please call today to set up an appointment, 203-864-4022.

Cosmetic Acupuncture:

Why does Facial Acupuncture Fail at other clinics and why does Dr. Trofa guarantee results?

Facial acupuncture in the USA is typically done using zone theory. This procedure is a truth-full lie. The face does operate in zones. But, if you are going to do an acupuncture face lift, you will not get results by treating zones. The zone theory disperses and tonifies muscles areas based on the 6 zones of the face. It will not rejuvenate the face, it will only make you feel refreshed and look brighter. This is why other acupuncturists doing facial rejuvenation do not have pictures and say it does not show up well. It is because they are not doing actual lifts. So, no, it will not show up in pictures, because nothing has been lifted, a client will just look fresher. Also, these acupuncturists are using zone theory, use only 8-10 needles in a face. A full lift with wrinkle reduction requires 250-400 needles.

Dr. Trofa recieved her certificate in Facial Acupuncture and Aesthetics from the Institue of Classical Asian Studies.  Please call today to set up an appointment, 203-762-6021.

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